When you travel to the remote corners of India you stumble upon some unique cultures with very distinct features, customs and believes. For how long till facebook, youtube and Instagram take over?


The Konyaks are known for their facial tattoos. Till recently they where animist, they where living isolated in their direct surroundings. Items around them where considered sacred, like rocks, trees, rivers. They were headhunters believing that the head contains the soul force which will bring fertility to the lands and prosperity to their people. Since recently this culture is making some drastic changes. In the early seventies this practice was still going on but now smartphones and social media has found the way into these remote corners. The konyaks are in a state of hyperdevelopment.


On the plains of the semi dessert in Gujarat India live very colourfull people. Many tribes are present here like: The Rabari, Harijan, Ahir, Jat. Embroidery is their special trade.


Old ancient kingdoms hidden away among the highest peaks in the world. Harsh winters and dry summers leave the people scarred. Remarkably traditional dresses and customs. The Drokpa, which is believed they are descendants of the pure Aryan race, are only allowed to marry within their tribe. Also known as the flower people. The Ladhaki and their distinct headwear ‘the Perak’ in the form of a blue cobra protecting them through the dangerous human world.